Forging a path towards sustainable fashion

Kit Willow speaks with Audi

Sustainability and fashion is a complicated topic, one that can be confusing to navigate both for consumers and brands but for Creative Director of BETA By STH BNK’s Future from Waste Lab, Kit Willow is looking to change this narrative.

Kit Willow is a designer who is at the forefront of the sustainable fashion movement with her brand KitX, by consciously sourcing materials from farmers who practice regenerative agriculture and utilising biodegradable materials like buttons made from nuts, and garments created from up-cycled denim, plastic pollution, or unwanted textiles.

The Future From Waste Lab offers an innovative solution to closing the loop, creating a dynamic platform in which sustainable fashion brands can experiment with new forms of physical space, programming and business models.

In an interview with Audi Magazine, Kit Willow highlights how as a society, we are buying more clothes than previous generations, yet wearing them less frequently before discarding them and replacing them with new, cheaply made items of essentially unknown provenance.

Her mission with KitX is to revolutionise how people view fashion trends and champion a more sustainable approach to clothing that focuses on quality and longevity.

“We create product love with high frequency wear, superior quality and creative design while consciously sourcing materials that minimise harm to our planet’s precious resources.”

“The point of the Future From Waste Lab is to disrupt the status quo and to inspire change and show consumers that we can do things better.”

BETA By STH BNK is a revolutionary testing area to explore the future of retail space, programming and new business models and is designed to give Melburnians a feel for what can be expected as part of Beulah’s transformative and visionary mini-metropolis, STH BNK By Beulah.

BETA By STH BNK invites the public to participate in a series of live and ongoing experiments exploring the future of spaces outside traditional brick and mortar limits. Experiential and immersive, these unique and innovative events transcend expectations to reimagine a radically sustainable future, redefining luxury for a new generation.

More information on BETA by STH BNK is available here.

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