ESSE X Future From Waste Lab

As seen in Broadsheet

From the Future From Waste Lab in Hanover House, ESSE Studios founded by Charlotte Hicks presents an exclusive collection of tailored waistcoats, everyday shorts and shirt dresses, made from second-hand bed linens.

Touted The Reworked Capsule Collection, each piece is crafted from repurposed bed linen made with 100 per cent cotton, sourced from Textile Recyclers Australia. Given the nature of the material, each piece is unique and distinctive.

“As a designer, it’s my responsibility to edit, curate, consider and constantly question myself – as both a brand and a business, to build something that is purpose-led and allows us to take the time to create something thoughtful and considered, yet also of high quality and craft,” says Charlotte.

In line with BETA’s aim to pave a new path in sustainability, the Future From Waste Lab rewrites the rules, looking beyond the fashion industry’s current boundaries to present a radical, new retail model that is part of the solution.

Charlotte has over 10 years of experience designing for leading global fashion brands. ESSE was born out of frustration with the sheer excess and waste in the fashion industry.

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