Peppermint Magazine Spotlights BETA By STH BNK

Lifestyle and culture magazine Peppermint recently showcased our BETA By STH BNK initiative as part of its latest print edition.

The national quarterly print and digital magazine is designed to give hope, and empower readers to live a more meaningful and mindful life. The soulful magazine aims to offer a serene look into cultured and artistic initiatives featuring timeless content that endures.

The current issue of Peppermint features an extensive range of news pieces pertaining sustainability, arts and crafts and highlights the three distinct conceptual spaces within BETA By STH BNK’s Hanover House including Future From Waste Lab, Atelier and pop-up retail RE/Space.

“I think there’s a groundswell of a new type of customer that’s going to demand change from the experience in the physical space,” says Beulah General Manager of Retail + Tenant Partnerships, David Monaghan told Peppermint.

The current retail model is not fit-for-purpose and BETA is providing the opportunity to experience, to immerse and to learn – our goal is to uncover ways for retail spaces to be more meaningful in their offering.